Alpe Pragas - Mustard with Figs and Green Tomatoes

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Our recipes are authentic delights even for the most spoiled palates. The delicious and harmonious combinations of different types of fruit and vegetables are perfected with passion and intuition and embellished with exotic spices. Our mustards are not simply spicy, but the perfect symbiosis of different aromas. Selected spices ensure their exotic and extremely pleasant taste.
Figs and green tomatoes
Fruit specialties based on hand-picked ripe green tomatoes and figs, a little sugar, a splash of lemon juice, ginger, mustard grains and a pinch of cloves, and chilli. Our mustards are preserved by careful pasteurization and are free of preservatives and dyes.
Our Suggestion
Ideal for aged cheeses from cow's and sheep's milk and full-bodied mountain cheeses.

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Scheda Tecnica – Mostarda ai Fichi e Pomodori Verdi

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