Passion for the Mountain Passion for Quality Passion for Taste

The Delizie delle Alpi company was born in 2001 animated by a strong passion for the mountains and its products, with the aim of distributing and making known the delicious food specialties that are produced in the Dolomites with a long tradition of products for gourmets that are still today made with artisanal methods and a very high quality, many productions are still family-run where the 'recipes' and 'secrets' are handed down from generation to generation and still using the blends of spices that were used a time. In addition to all this, you need to have an excellent palate and be a lover of good things, be gourmets, know the products and how they are made. Here then over the years have also been joined by quality producers for San Daniele hams or some refined jams produced near Lake Braies, from all this comes after many years of experience the idea of ​​making known to an ever wider audience all these high quality food products, this is where this new adventure begins.

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