/ Arbea - San Daniele PDO raw flat ham without bone 7.5 Kg

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Sweet and fragrant, genuine and completely natural.
Arbea knows and respects the ancient tradition of raw ham, developing it today with advanced organizational models. A new way of representing the centuries-old care in processing, a daily commitment to offer only the best quality, in compliance with the rigorous controls of the San Daniele Prosciutto Consortium.
The result is a genuine raw ham, completely natural and with sea salt as the only preservative, unrivaled for sweetness, aroma and softness.

Only Italian farms and perfect seasoning
The excellence of San Daniele Arbea ham is a complex result obtained with quality choices and a knowledge that has been handed down for millennia. It starts with meat coming exclusively from pigs born and raised in Italy and sea salt.
Humidity, temperature and ventilation are the only completely natural factors that intervene in the delicate phase of curing. A period that is never less than 13 months and which gives a unique and unrepeatable San Daniele in taste and consistency. The expert artisans of Arbea know this long journey down to the smallest detail and guarantee its total respect.
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Technical Sheet - San Daniele PDO Flat Raw Ham without bone

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